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Nagoya University Multidisciplinary Journal

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NU Ideas welcomes papers from graduate students and other affiliates of Nagoya University in any academic field. Papers may be written in Chinese, English, French, or German.

We particularly welcome work that is interdisciplinary in scope. This includes research that draws from more than one academic field or tradition, papers co-authored by scholars in more than one discipline, or work that presents ideas from one academic field to readers in other fields. Scholars in all fields are encouraged to submit both work in progress and writing from their field that can be understood by a diverse academic readership.

NU Ideas seeks original work comparable to that suitable for publication in field-specific journals. We recommend revising thesis chapters or high-quality seminar papers into a format suited for publishing. Papers will be reviewed by scholars in related fields, and read by a diverse audience.

NU Ideas publishes:

Article types

Academic research papers on completed academic work in any field are welcome. Suggested length is between 2000 and 8000 words, with an abstract of no more than 250 words. At least one co-author must be affiliated with Nagoya University as a graduate student, research fellow, or faculty member.

Reviews of books published during the past three years are preferred. Suggested length is 400 to 1000 words. No abstract is necessary.

Reports on academic work in progress at Nagoya University should include an abstract of no more than 50 words. The report itself should not exceed 1000 words.

For information on special themes, see the special themes page.

Peer Reviews

NU Ideas is a peer reviewed journal. The review process is a rigorous one that involves expert reviewers from all over the world. NU Ideas tries to complete this process within six months, but there are times when it takes longer. It is this rigorousness that can help provide authors with meaningful feedback that enhances the quality of their work.

Manuscript preparation

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically. You may use Microsoft Office (DOC) or (ODT) format. For manuscripts written in TeX, please submit a PDF file for peer review; you may be asked to send the original TeX file for final editing and publication. For other formats, please contact the editorial board.

Manuscripts should be single spaced and justified. Please use Times New Roman 12 point font with A4 paper size and 2.54cm margins on all sides. If you use fonts other than Times New Roman, Courier, or Arial, send a PDF version in addition to the DOC or ODT version of your manuscript to ensure that all fonts are reproduced correctly.

For complete details on manuscript preparation, consult the NU Ideas stylesheet. (DOC, ODT, PDF)