NU Ideas

NU Ideas Volume 2, Number 2


Nagoya University Multidisciplinary Journal

Proceedings of the Symposium on
Academic Writing and Critical Thinking

Guest Editors
Chad Nilep and Simon Potter

Table of Contents

Symposium on Academic Writing and Critical Thinking
Introduction (html)
Chad Nilep

Slide Presentation
From "What is a writing center?" to "What's new in the writing center?":
Traditions, Trends, and Tutoring

Slide presentation (html)
Leigh Ryan

Plenary Papers
Introducing a Logical Thinking Approach to Teaching Academic Writing:
Why is Logical Thinking Education Needed in Academic Writing
Wai Ling Lai
Abstract (html) Paper (pdf)

On the Limitations of Language and Logic
Tom Gally
Abstract (html) Paper (pdf)

Invited Papers
Academic Writing in a Liberal Arts Curriculum in Asia: Culture and Criteria
Chris Carl Hale and Paul Wadden
Abstract (html) Paper (pdf)

Data Laundry-Listing: When Students Lack a Foundational Argument
Thomas Kabara
Abstract (html) Paper (pdf)

Toward Academic Writing with Substance
John Wojdylo
Abstract (html) Paper (pdf)

Les différences dans l'organisation des écrits académiques entre le français et le japonais
Yumi Takagaki
Abstract (html) Paper (pdf)

Schreiben auf Deutsch in Japan – Abstufung zwischen akademisch und wissenschaftlich
Maria Gabriela Schmidt
Abstract (html) Paper (pdf)

"尽信书,则不如无书" —逆向思维与语言科学研究
张 国宪

Abstract (html) Paper (pdf)



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