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本论文以建筑符号学的研究成果为理论背,针对其中的象征型符号问题进行更为 深入的研究。全文首先从象征型符号的概念出发,并结合相应的设计案例对其特点 与设计运用的方法做出总结,进而对象征型符号在现代建筑艺术中所起到的积极审 美意义进行探讨。本论文一方面可以深化建筑符号学理论体系的内容,另一方面可 以培养大众对于象征型符号的审美意识,同时对设计师的设计实践具有指导性作用。

Based on the theory of architectural semiotics research, some in-depth research about the symbolic mark was conducted. First, by unifying some design cases, this article made a concrete elaboration on the symbolic mark's character and its design method from its concept. Then symbolic mark's esthetic effect and its design approach was discussed, deepening the architectural semiotics theory system's content on the one hand and an instruction function to raise populace's esthetic consciousness and the designer's design practice on the other hand.

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