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Nagoya University Multidisciplinary Journal

Image credits: ; "Metaphor" by Squarethecircle; "faintly ridiculous looked at another way" by Crispin Semmens; "tagcloud 3" by Mace Ojala; "Cool Toys pic of the day – NetSpeak" by rosefirerising; "lol brb :-) @" by Nicolas Nova; "Medieval medical display" by One lucky guy; "THYME -- Thymus capitatus -- Organic Wild Grown Natural Dried Herbs -- 0.7 oz or 20 grams" by Annouk. All images CC BY-NC unless otherwise noted.
Collage by Jasmina Damnjanovic
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Table of Contents

Letter to the Reader (html)

Research Papers
Die soziale Stellung und Rolle der Ärzte im merowingischen Gallien: Beschreibungen der Ärzte in den Schriften von Gregor von Tours
Tamami Tanaka
Abstract (html) Paper (pdf)

Abstract (html) Paper (pdf)

Abstract (html) Paper (pdf)


NU Ideas Volume 2, Number 1
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Isabelle Bilodeau
Jasmina Damjanovic
Hsu Peihsin
Thomas Kabara
Sa Kou
Kanako Morita
Taeko Yamada




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